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As a person who works in multiple media, creating any sort of cohesive portfolio site is a nightmare. What to show? Will you see that even though you’re looking at something about my writing you’re also seeing photo illustrations I’ve created for that writing? And that, in those images are props specifically created for those illustrations?

An example, I wrote The Audacity Gambit (isolation, betrayal & magic, also a talking rabbit—chosen one fantasy for the trailer park set, see more here) and also hand painted and designed the cover. Oh, and got the photo inset of the burning arbour there in the centre.

The Audacity Gambit ebook cover

Also, is it like, super gauche to show really killer work from several years ago? It’s not as though I couldn’t do it again, there just aren’t regularly opportunities to do things like build custom false nail sets, create mechanical props or sculpt character busts that are smaller than a coin.

How does one convey they will make a set of rough papier mâché bull horns just to play with pattern-making?

And then had a photoshoot, because.