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How I bide my time
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This is what’s in my shoulder bag (though it can fit in my purse) every day that I commute by bus and lightrail. I’ve got about four hours of commute every day, so I started trying to make use of it, since the amount of books I was reading (thank you Project Gutenberg) was getting obsession-level.

I’ve found that, unlike when I used to crochet on Tri-Met, people don’t bother me as much about what I’m doing now. Is it the pointy object? Or is embroidery just too weird for people to see in public? The folks that do talk to me now when I work only ask a few questions* and are always really sweet, instead of getting into huge conversations, which is not that awesome at seven in the morning or at the end of my day.

Working in this way is like a distilled version of how I approach craft and the arts—a minimum of the stuff you’ve “got” to have to do the job, packaged in the most portable way. I love that it all packs compactly into the zip bag, I take it with me on longer car trips too.  Or over to the couch when we watch a movie.

What I’m working on the picture is a pillow cover for Chase.  We have a standing agreement about that.  If he can find a pillow form that he wants when we go to the craft store, I will make a cover for it.  He found a great little square feather pillow for two bucks last time.

*Or talk about how they never see people embroider any more/they are surprised to see someone my age (25, what!) embroidering.