First and Last Lines

Chapter three of Wonderbook by Jeff Vandermeer is about beginnings and endings, with some illustrated pages sharing notable first and last lines. It made me think of the possibilities of using it as a text in a class and what exercises you could implement beyond those included in the book itself. What are the first and last lines of books and stories I love?

Drying papaya seeds

One of the most wonderful things about living in Los Angeles is the sheer variety of produce available at local supermarkets. Oregon was rich in berries and always had a good general selection, but seeing jackfruit, mangos and papaya just sitting next to bananas at Vons (the local version of a Safeway) is a special kind of experience. The most exciting fruit so far—because I haven’t got the courage to try a jackfruit yet—has been the papaya. I’ve enjoyed papaya juice for a long time, thanks to an everlasting love…