Ch-ch-changes focus month: gettin’ there

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So, my sister’s new room is pretty much ready to go.  It was a lot easier than I expected, especially considering how cluttered it was up there.

Before cleaning the attic space

But now it is ready to be moved in (once the air mattress is inflated).

Olivia's room!

I’ve even hung some fabric up so I can work in my craft area without being up in her space.

Olivia's room, from the back wall

As for bookmarks, I’ve cleaned that shit right out.  There were bookmarks that I’d made to remind myself to respond to a post from 2009. Gah. It’s much better now than before.

And now I’ve got my Delicious set up, you can even go poke at the weird collection of reference links and whatnots that I’ve got all in neat stacks. Which I guess are categories.  And if they’re not, whatever, because I can only tag if I also can categorise, and if I can flag too?! Oh man. Which, Delicious doesn’t have a third level of organising to it, but one can dream.

The only real thing left to, bookmark-wise, is to now go through the sad remnants of GReader (which I haven’t looked at in like, a week) and go through what sites I still want to follow and build some nested folders of links.