Content & Copy

My first and true love is creating content and copy that not only creates a great experience for the user but also fulfils SEO and marketing goals. I know the value of using an informative and conversational tone that respects the intelligence of the customer and value of the product and this passion extends to informative articles and blog posts. I believe that when a company is genuinely excited about their products, the customer will be too. Nothing is quite as exciting to me as when a customer is won over with words.


Product Copy

Writing copy that fits in a brand’s style and entices customers is a true joy, as is making sure that the page description reads well when it shows up on a search engine results page. I wrote the bulk of product copy for for the majority of my time there and dedicated the last year I was with them focused on going through thousands of products and bringing their copy up to date in tone, style and quality.

I enjoy the challenge of uniquely describing incredibly similar products to both improve search results and a customer’s journey. If you’re trying to comparison shop, seeing those key differences between nearly identical products spelled out is key. I also enjoyed merging the company voice with the tone of specific brands, supporting the image-based customer browsing experience.


Blog Posts and Articles

Longer form content, from DIYs and short interviews to in-depth looks at interesting topics, is where my love-to-inform heart lives.

Some of the posts below were originally published on, they’re preserved here for reference, with links back to the original posts.

Tubular: a general overview of getting your tubes out

I recently underwent a laparoscopic bilateral salpingectomy (the fancy big name for getting one’s tubes removed). Friends and acquaintances were supportive and curious about the process, several of them because they were interested in undergoing the procedure themselves.

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Thigh High Starter Styles

Thigh high socks and stockings are a tricky thing. Personal taste, inseam and thigh circumference all come into play when walking that definition between a sock that falls “over the knee” and a sock that is truly “thigh high.”

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DIY: Put A Ribbon On It

Adding ribbon to socks is a super simple DIY that is a fun way to get a little more comfortable with your basic sewing skills, while adding some flair to your socks!

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Socks Behind the Lens: Zaf

Zaf may be the newest addition to our product photography team but she quickly became indispensable, thanks to her fabulous editing skills.

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