Define your terms

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Dammit, what do I do with these now.

I could spin you a statement for these that would totally be worth those four years I was at university, but lemme give you the real version:

There is something darkly gratifying about spending your time embroidering bitter phrases.

Clearer pictures of each in the set.

2 Thoughts to “Define your terms”

  1. I would actually pay for one of these. And I would totally hang it someplace like my living room, because then people would come in and see it from a distance and think “aw, she has a home sweet hom… what the FUCK!” and that would be so so awesome.

  2. I am trying to think of other grumpy things to embroider, but I think I wore it out a little on these. Which is good. It is grump catharsis.

    But yes, I love the balance of smart assery and samplers.

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