I will get pictures of our airbrushed gear later

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Since Chase had to shoot it anyway for work, we went to the Washington county fair. We went last year and I freaking love it. There would be more enjoyment if it wasn’t a have-to-go for Chase. We spent an hour with a food inspector giving an inspection and despite getting to watch the $5 monster truck rides while that happened, it was kind of a super lame thing. Anyway. Fair!

Hey wow

We don’t go for the rides so much as the “Shopper’s Expo” (it’s like HCN, but in life, omigod), the floral exhibits that are saddness in action and the the FFA stuff—which is Future Farmers of America for you city folks who don’t know. You raise things or practice home crafts and then enter contests with it or get the things auctioned off at crazy high per-pound prices. I like the food displays the most, because they are weird.

These displays freak me out

Oh yes. And we also go for the livestock.

There was a new swine barn this year dedicated to the memory of this guy. I think that is kind of awesome, though the LED memorial pins could have gone without “Git-R-Done” on them.

I have a little Flickr set from it, wherein I kindly mock how a child writes and there is some five and ten second video of pigeons and a pissed sheep and things.