In summary

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I had a sick-ass birthday at the ruins. It was sunny-ish while we were there and rained on either side. I’ve never been there in the sun before.

Spaceship on a sunny day

I’ve done a bit of embroidery over the past year and a half, but I need to do more. I stitch maybe 30m-1.5h every work day. Depends on the book I am reading and how tired I am. I have fallen asleep over my work, which is a little unsettling, as that is when one finds they have sewn a (calloused) finger to the piece.

What I've done so far

I am tasking myself with figuring out the themes inherent in the stitched work I’ve done so far and building/finishing those before working on the project the sunshine keeps asking me to do. Also, all these bastards need to be stretched, framed or quilted—finished, in a word.

2 Thoughts to “In summary”

  1. Quilt them!
    Quuuuiiiiiiillllllte thhheeeeeeeemmmmmmm.

    Also I made you a necklace and need to send it to you along with other stuff I’ve assembled for you and then lost.

  2. I’m quilting some of them, but others I like on their own. I owe you a present box sooooo hard. I am excited about necklace. It is now warm enough I am not constantly be-scarfed.

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