Interestingly, both searches were for nail inspiration

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I percentage of how I use the internet is based in finding that something is missing and adding it to the cloud, or whatever that’s being called now.  Things like the paper making photo set and the mini comic stand template were perfect for Flickr because they were information-based and easy to notate and download.

I’ve been using Tumblr a lot lately, and you know what it’s good for? Screencaps.

Recently I just gave up and capped the scenes RE: Sally Bowles’ nails that for some stupid reason still aren’t easy to find (if in existence) online, even though they’re two key lines.

And yesterday, looking for good side-by-sides of the signage in They Live, I found an equal amount of nothing. How? There are people more obsessive than me and I feel they’re slacking on the job.  So I made some.  But, because I really feel the need to make sure that other people can find these (the Cabaret ‘caps I know are niche) I am posting them here too.  So get ready for a handful of comparison screencaps from the first They Live sunglasses scene of signage, signs, billboards (keywords) and then, for fun, a still from the last scene showing a framed print (FYI: and also boobs) that Chase and I kind of want to get.  All images can be clicked on for bigger.