Wayfaring Socks

Life has been kind of busy, but it’s all been awesome.  Like what I’m doing this weekend: Really, I cannot see how my first trip to Seattle could be any less fantastically boss.  Sock Dreams is going to be vending at Wayfarers of Gypsy Mansion, headlined by HUMANWINE. We’ve been working up our product list for what we’re bringing and there’ll be an item (or two, fingers crossed!) debuting there.  It is so fun picking out items around a theme, lots of texture, patterns and pretties will be at our…

And so we pause

Slow Build updated yesterday, Yes. With it we reach the end of the third bit. There’ll be a break for an undetermined period of time, while I figure out how I’m continuing. There are a couple options branching before me and I need to noodle with which to take before subjecting you all to it. To those who’ve so far followed, thanks.