I will get pictures of our airbrushed gear later

Since Chase had to shoot it anyway for work, we went to the Washington county fair. We went last year and I freaking love it. There would be more enjoyment if it wasn’t a have-to-go for Chase. We spent an hour with a food inspector giving an inspection and despite getting to watch the $5 monster truck rides while that happened, it was kind of a super lame thing. Anyway. Fair! We don’t go for the rides so much as the “Shopper’s Expo” (it’s like HCN, but in life, omigod),…

How I see it

When Flickr started hosting video too, the first thing I thought of was something that was essentially a still picture (subject not moving) that existed for 3-10 seconds. Or like in La Jetée, when all of a sudden it’s not a still image you’re seeing. That’s pretentious. Anyway, we have a thing that can take video now, so you will have to deal with my excitement.