This is so fun

Stereography. Holy cow. I think because it is a simple pleasure that I am just fascinated by it right now. Chase just got a sweet camera that is made to shoot stereographs, but it is film and I want to play now, so digital to the rescue. The bummer about these and Flickr is that one has to view an image at “Original Size” to get the animated aspect. And here is one of me.

It’s like painting, sculpting and sewing all together

Man, I am loving me some embroidery lately. Freehand unplanned! I don’t know if I could ever work from a pattern. This, ideally, will be a wicked sick metal piece when I’m done. It’s a griffin! And it’s totally a mage or a wizzard or something. I’ve got to deck out his staff. Within each wedge of aura or whatever are gonna be like, demons and shit.