I am almost done

I want to finish this project before we leave on our trip, because I will be more worldly after driving eighteen hours in a reverse of the Oregon Trail (or something like that, since we’re going east and ending up in Wyoming). So here is Nevada. It is the most bare and simple of the states I’ve done, but Chase says it is therefore the most accurate. Click to embiggen the images, as usual.  If you embroider, I recommend velvet so hard. It is friggin luxe. Speaking of texture, I…

This is the kind of thing my brain thinks

And because I have no social life, such things can be made real. You may notice this is cross-posted from WordPress. It’s all part of the latest redesign plan*. I personally hate CSS and have a lot of trouble with it, so if someone can figure out how to get rid of those God-damn apples on the individual entry pages, I will owe you a something. I figured it out, yay and nevermind! *Which I guarantee at least 30% of viewers will hate

What I did with my evening

If you don’t get it right off, it actually probably reflects positively on you. (above shot by Chase) Had I guessed that other people cared about the Joker’s socks in Dark Knight, I would have done some Google before mapping out the pattern myself.  I am wickedly proud that it’s tileable though, and (I think) each colour is represented an even number of times.  I am a nerd.