This is so fun

Stereography. Holy cow. I think because it is a simple pleasure that I am just fascinated by it right now. Chase just got a sweet camera that is made to shoot stereographs, but it is film and I want to play now, so digital to the rescue. The bummer about these and Flickr is that one has to view an image at “Original Size” to get the animated aspect. And here is one of me.

Hey lookit that

I am in a group show. Despite how I’ve been avoiding art (I just make shit, yo), I was way too tempted by the theme of this show for Sequential Art Gallery. Pulp novel covers. Yes please. I did way too much research on fonts and old British money and style conventions of the early to mid 1960s, then shot it all to hell by using a light coloured background, which is much more a mid-to-late 70’s trope. Whatever, there are stockings and a gun and some ladies and I…

I didn’t make it, but I wish I had

What I received in the mail from the fantastic Sithel. It was so tremulous, so sharp—smelling still faintly of the wing’s petals—that I was totally overwhelmed and didn’t know what to make to send in return. But! I finally did figure something out, will be mailing it tomorrow. I got pictures of the two together, once she gets her half I’ll post ’em up. Of the many strange things we have in this apartment, this one would be the most terrifying if animated. It whispers when it moves.

It’s 5:30am on a Sunday, but I still find this exciting

Got another story up on 356 Tomorrows. I like it more than the last one they put up. It’s strange, but most written stuff for me really does not hold water after not seeing it for some time. Same with drawing, though not so severely. The only things I make that I still like looking at after months and years are photographs and sculpture. Anyhow— Periodically, the pilot wished he had company. There were some things that were just more enjoyable with another being around. Besides the obvious, there was…