The Regulars

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In attempt to justify starting what will turn out to be a stupidly ridiculous project, I am first trying to finish as many things as I can that fall into that awful “just a step away from being finished” phase.  This includes all that unstretched/framed embroidery I’ve done over the past year or so.  Starting easy (because I really hate building stretchers, even when it is balsa wood), I pieced and quilted together the panels of the Regulars, those people I see nearly every day on my commute. I made one last panel of the folks who have faces I recognise as familiar, but who I do not see that often.

The Regulars: pieced, finished

If I was still doing arty things and thinky thesis doodles I would say something about the fabric’s printed nature theme hinting at the similarities of spotting animals in the wild and birding lifer lists and holy crap would a transit commute lifer list not be so hilarious and probably offensive with its labels?

Or I would say that it was lap blanket size, just the right size to take with me on the commute, so that these people who have helped shape the visual tone of the trip can always be with me even when they’re not.  And they can be made uncomfortable by seeing grotesque parodies of their likeness painstakingly embroidered into a blanket that I constantly touch with my hands.

Just about

But I am not.  I do, however, reflexively process ideas like that since its what I was trained to do.  And I am just enough of a jackass to put myself out in taking a picture to illustrate it.