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So, the amazing Libby B made a delicious dish of leek and fingerling potatoes. We saw it on Flickr and the next day picked up the proper supplies, with a touch of Chase’s own:

Chase makes his first sauce

Anyway, it ended up super tasty, and Chase made his first sauce, only it became a “sauce” and more of a leek hash. It was sort of like consuming dark matter of deliciousness, as it was way more filling than expected.

It ain't pretty

Holy crap though, guys. It was pretty dang good.

4 Thoughts to “This is how we do it”

  1. I don’t really know what you’re doing with the sausages while making the roux, it still looks really fucking good.

    How do you clean your iron skillet? I have two cast iron pots that I’m afraid of ruining by cleaning them wrong. They are old and well seasoned, I’m just nervous that I’ll fuck them up. And yes, I know how to season ironware so I guess I could always just reseason them or something…

  2. I think Chase was like, infusing the roux with the sausage? Not sure. I let him do it all (except the chopping of veggies, because he is crappy at chopping things finely).

    The key to cast iron seems to be wiping. Wipe with a damp scrubby thing to get food out, wipe with oil after (including the underside!). Don’t soak, don’t use soap. I think that’s all there is to it. You could also peek at the back of skillets in stores, they normally have care instructions on them.

  3. For “infusing the roux with sausage,” it works if you cook the sausage and then use the sausage grease as all/part of the butter. Just add flour to it. Or did he throw the sausages back into the roux? I don’t know, it looks good at the end. 🙂

    I made chicken stock/stewed chicken in my iron pot. Some of the water boiled off and the bit of chicken poking out got discolored, but it all tastes super good.

  4. Yay for iron cooking! And I think Chase knows how it’s done, but I didn’t follow his procedure closely. I always save bacon grease to make bacon gravy, which I feel is ideal for biscuits, but Chase thinks bacon gravy is gross.

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