I’m B. Zedan and I’ve been shouting into the welcoming void of the internet for a long time now (hello, weirdly still-popular tutorial for making paper from 2005 ), making everything that comes to mind and creating as much ridiculous content missing from this world as possible. Sometimes that’s making sure the world knows how great a show Miami Vice is, other times that’s writing a fantasy novel that I wish had existed when I was a lonely, rural, mixed-race kid.

The Audacity Gambit ebook cover

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I work in a lot of different disciplines and my jam is basically making the stuff other people need and learning new ways to make things.

An example, I wrote The Audacity Gambit (isolation, betrayal & magic, also a talking rabbit—chosen one fantasy for the trailer park set) and also hand painted and designed the cover. Oh, and made the photo inset of the burning arbour there in the centre.

I regularly work in: photography, embroidery, sculpting, painting, comics, writing, illustration, video and sound recording. I also know how to make puppets and cast things in plastic and silicone. I absolutely love to make things. To be honest, I prefer making things more than thinking of things to make, so what I love the most is helping make other folks’ ideas happen.

Long, split image showing examples of photography (humorous image of donkey), embroidery (medieval stitch technique of a LOTR leaf), sculpting (manicured nails holding VERY TINY BEETS), painting (vibrant one-stroke painted flowers on black), comics (sliver of minicomic held open), writing (pile of a printed out draft, mid-edit)

I’m slowly figuring out how best to convey the scope of what I do and can do, and will be adding more pages and content here. If you’re looking for my socials, you’ll find the whole mess of them over at Beacons, nicely listed out.