Animatic, progress (and progress on editing!)

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If you follow me on Instagram (handle is bzedan, just like it is everywhere), you may have seen some thumbnail progress for the animatic.


Value thumbnail.

Chase and I went on a drive, listening to the song that always seemed like it’d be perfect for a trailer for The Audacity Gambit to me—Fairies Wear Boots. Which, obvs, cannot use that song, but Chase plus synth can get me the feeling I want. We parsed out what scenes would work for a trailer, without giving anything away. I made a list of them when we got home and I’ve been thumbnailing them out since.

Style-wise, they’ll be along the lines of what I did to illustrate Morningstar. I want plain black and white stuff I can drop into the POD draft 2 copy.

Plus! I’m about halfway through the edits Chase made, and I’ve dropped in the first of the scene inserts. He’s got about 25 pages left to read! I really want to be sending this thing to Lulu, illustrations and edits and all, at the end of the month. Might be able to make it!