It was a reflexive thing I had to fully realise was happening

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A long, long time ago I used to be a painter. It was what I did. I had a mural background and everything. And I discovered sculpting and printmaking and there was a nice time where all those traditional things were meshed nicely and whatever. I grew out of it, because seriously? Committing to one media? As if. Nonetheless, some things stick. So, even though modern tradition in embroidery calls for a (beautiful, tasty, delectable) rainbow of colours as a palette, I still have the mentality of mixing one’s colour so it doesn’t look like it’s straight out of the bottle.

Colour wheel

I’m missing a good green, but the plan is to slowly replace the last couple of colours (blue and brown, primarily) with hues reflecting the palette I used when painting, mixed with the palette I currently stock for my random attacks of paint. The colours on the outside wheel (pink, purple, light olive and light turquoise) are novelty ones that are just useful to have.  First off, I need to find a nice <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Hooker’s Green</a>.

I know I have my old colour wheel from school somewhere, once I find it the process will go easier. It’s hard to remember seven-plus years back.