Mish mash timekiller

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Mish-Mash: detail 1

With my craft things packed up for the move, I’ve only a few scraps of fabric to embroider on during my commute.  So I’m focusing on lots of detail.  Lots and lots and worked over and over itself.

This thing is about two and a half to three weeks of commuting (about 30 hours). This is all the stitches I could think of offhand, which means mostly buttonhole and chainstitch variations.  There is also a lot of gathering and netting and weird things done so that the haphazardly pieced-together bits lie flat (I did piece them together weird on purpose, to give myself a challenge).

It is worked on pieced-together bits of velveteen, bleached muslin and stretch lace hem edging—stuffed in places with acrylic felt and with black and white cotton print on the ends. This is going to make one weird wrist warmer thing.  When I unpack and can get to my Velcro and snaps again.