All my energy and brains have been occupied

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What with moving and now trying to make this place a home instead of just a place we live (it involves curtains! and pegboard accessories!) I’ve been terrible and just letting the Twitter hold this space.  My stitching lately has been of little to no note, just mindless doodle-crap that isn’t worth scanning.  However, I did do this for an awesome co-worker’s birthday:

Trina's doll: packed up

I have been equally awful in commenting and noting that I am somehow keeping up with everybody’s ups and downs lately.  Part of my bleh is that I’m now a laptop user and am still trying to get used to the difference in how things go.  Also using the internet comparatively less, though that hasn’t resulted in much more than Farscape watching.

3 Thoughts to “All my energy and brains have been occupied”

  1. have i mentioned that i love her? 🙂 Dave’s pretty smitten as well. She’s currently hanging out next to a wool bunny sitting in a tea cup in my cabinet.

    on an unrelated note i had a really strange dream last night i think you would appreciate. The main character was Maria from the sound of music except she had longish orange hair like mila jovovich in the 5th element. and she sort of dressed like Maria would if plopped in the 5th element. There was a hiking trip, an awkwardly crowded bus ride, a giant waterfall over a rock shaped like a tribal or alaskan totem that looked like it came from a scooby doo episode. We hiked behind the totem rock to look through the back side of the waterfall and when you looked through it it was daytime on your side but night time on the other.

    it all ended with the Mari-loo person, the kids she is the nanny for (whom showed up half way through the waterfall hiking trip aand bus ride), and I arriving at the hose they live at to find evil villains there who then trap Mari-loo in a cocoon shaped bubble, tell her it’s time to cocoon, and she then promptly starts turning into a giant green caterpillar. they are of course trashing the house, eating all the food, watching 80’s hair band music videos loudly on the tv, and generally being bad guys.

    Just thought you might like to know this little tidbit of what my brain does when I am asleep. 🙂

    oh yeah, and i woke up with ” 5 little ducks that I once knew…” song stuck in my head. so there you go. 🙂

  2. Nice cootchie doll. 🙂

  3. Trina: Okay, that is an awesome dream, why are you so crazy. And now I have a mix of that song and the billy goat song from Sound of Music mashed in my head.

    Also, Brigid, you are ridic.

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