2 Thoughts to “An art thing daily: 08/19/09”

  1. Chase is terrifically hot here.

    I mean, he always looks lovely and charming and fun in the pictures you post of him, but this image seriously blows me away.
    I think you two have done a really wonderful job of referencing a pose and style that relates to the portraiture of beautiful women from eras past, while not having it be overtaken with irony.

    Or I could be full of crap here. It might just be that the range of body types you get to see in provocative images of men is even narrower than that for women, and as a result this image so delights me that I’m reading more into things than I otherwise should.

    One way or another, Chase is beautiful.

    (Oh, and the wearable art you created for this is pretty damn cool too. This entire play off the collaboration between Bowery and Leibovitz is an excellent thought.)

  2. Wow. You can guess how much this comment stunned me by how long I took to reply!

    Thank you so much. I have to admit that we didn’t put that much concious thought into it, since he was sick and it was crazy hot outside. However, I bet that because both of our mentalities aren’t really bounded by gender types, when I told him to vamp and vogue for the camera he did classic vamping and vogues. Which are “lady” ones (the hiding of nipples being part of it, on my end because they were visually distracting, being a different colour than everything else).

    I need to get another shot of this, so you can see more clearly how the head and the arm piece connect together, it was his idea and I like how it turned out.

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