Animatic, some progress and an extension

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A combo of my work moving locations, a change in focus of Chase’s show (now in October!) and a sudden trip to the coast (doctor’s orders, because it’s been two years since we last went, and both Chase and I needed out of the city to refresh), and and and.

Point being, I’m behind in goals and dammit, it’s the summer. So I’m extending this focus a month. I have got a lot done, just not enough (so many thumbnails, if you’re following me on Instagram, you may have seen some). So, excuses but whatev. I’ll leave you with a finished frame from the new chapter written for draft two.


5 Thoughts to “Animatic, some progress and an extension”

  1. mioche

    Utterly tangential to your delightfully looming bear, but would you recommend Instagram?

  2. I like it a lot. It is one of those things, like Twitter, that is better if you have fun people on it. It’s just like picture Twitter, for me. This is a thing! It is pretty/weird/neat. I found two or three filters I like that make the shitty camera on my tablet seem nicer.

  3. mioche

    Awesome! Once I get my act together I think I must try it.

  4. cylver

    🙂 I’m back-ish

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