Another writing focus, it begins

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Looking over notes from a discussion Chase and I had about revising The Audacity Gambit. This is the general tone of the theme declarative ones:
  • “Immortality or power breeds immaturity.”
  • “Needs are what dominate and shape human existence.”
  • “In the end, it’s just you versus Sauron.”

Though this month is about working on the second book, the first book is going under revision, which is actually pretty great, as I can build the framework for book two a little easier when I’m using the same materials to renovate book one.

The first book is getting two more full scenes (that’ll probably end up equalling a chapter) and two half scenes. The two half scenes are done and already I’m loving how they’re helping flesh out the themes, world and characters. Revisions, guys, they’re fun.

And here, so it’s not all words, how about a little sketch of Dry-Eyes?

A chatacter from that book I'm writing, why not.