Another writing focus, making progress

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I have like two thirds of the book outlined! This is a hella beefier outline that what I used for the first book, but I have a lot more characters and tropes to keep track of and fulfil.

Outlining that next book.

I still want to write a flash or two to fill out what gets done this month, but since I’m also revising/editing The Audacity Gambit, we’ll see. I want to print out the revised draft through a POD, for one more read through, but it will need a cover.  Which is why I made this.

Roughly built, but not bad

You’ll find out why.

2 Thoughts to “Another writing focus, making progress”

  1. Hahahaha, you’re gonna build a rig and set it on fire, aren’t you?

  2. Yes! Primarily I need reference photos of an arbour from a certain angle, so I can try painting it. Easier to build one than look it up. But once those photos are taken, why not light it on fire?

    It’s about the size of one’s hand, and I filled the legs with toothpicks, sealed with wax, so there is a surprising weight.

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