Another writing focus, more progress!

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So, what’s the status right now?

  • The outline of the second book is where it was last week, that’s fine, because:
  • I’m about a third into the first write of the chapter that has to be inserted into the first book—which I’m not going to let Chase (my beloved first reader and editor) read until he is further along in going over the edits of the first book. Incentive, folks.


As I may have mentioned before, once he’s gone over the edits and the new scenes are plugged in, I’m getting a couple copies of The Audacity Gambit printed POD, for another read-through. It’ll need a cover though, right? How about this:

Shooting The Audacity Gambit draft 2 cover
This was fun to do and a great image test as well. I’ll probably revisit the visual theme.

Shooting The Audacity Gambit draft 2 cover

So, progress continues.