April focus: production for Chase’s show

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Oop, should get about telling you all what is up with April.

Being as April has my birthday in it, I wanted the focus to be fun.  And as last April I ballsed up the focus projects and had to call it quits in May, I wanted something that I would do, would finish.

Chase is having a show at Rocks Box gallery in the fall, I’m more or less his production team.  I like working with him (which is nice, since I also live with him) and he’s got a pretty big project that I need to make headway on creating.  So that’s what April will be, working on this piece for Chase.

But.  Because we are both paranoid, superstitious and like surprise, I don’t get to show you progress images as I go.  I am taking some and, after the show, I’ll share.  Be assured, things are getting done this month, I just can’t show them to you.

3 Thoughts to “April focus: production for Chase’s show”

  1. raubynn

    I go through these waves with you…I just feel almost like I am eaves-dropping or spying or some such thing when I read your stuff or look at your Flickr. So I go for periods where I will not view you because I feel almost wrong – peeping Jane – and then I swing back to peeping because I must get more words and pics from you. I just hope you understand – I am sure you do – how eloquent your words are – how deeply they reach – how there are pictures formed in everything you write – beautiful pictures – whole worlds. I think you write in such a way that everyone who reads your stuff must have the same visions formed in their heads! Your writings could be like a mass hallucination! If you are not, you should be published. If I came upon a book of yours, I would consider it one of my treasured and miracle finds and keep it on my special shelf with my super special book finds. So I think and wish that everyone could somehow have the chance to stumble upon an actual book of yours. You should be in a library. I just wanted you to know that – and I know this is an inappropriate place to post this but I am late to finding The Audacity Gambit and I haven’t even finished it yet but I needed to tell you – that yes books – your stories should be in books. And apologies on just writing you like this – Thank you for sharing those things in your head with us.

  2. Aww! I’ve been on the web for a while, don’t feel creepy! I have my comments close after a while because it cuts down on spam comments, so I understand when a comment about an older post turns up in a post that’s still open. 🙂

    I’m so glad you’re digging the story, I’ve got a stack of printout next to me that I need to start editing and tightening up—the best and worst part of writing.

  3. raubynn

    FINSHED! i NEED more though!!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully you are planning a trilogy of something…………………….

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