The Audacity Gambit: super available to buy

Close up detail of an arbour on fire, from the cover of The Audacity Gambit

Haha, there is a book I wrote that you can just BUY now. It’s about isolation and betrayal and magic and there’s a talking rabbit. I’ll put these convenient links right up top for DRM-free places to buy.

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Here’s the blurb action:

Every teen hits a stretch in life where they feel like they’ve been forcefully isolated from the world. The standard fantasy trope is that it’s all for a reason—they’re the Chosen One. They’ve got to save their village, rescue a princess, find the key.

But 18-year-old Emily’s village is a trailer park and the people she’s fighting for may have performed more terrible deeds than the enemies she’ll have to confront.

With little choice in the matter, Emily plunges head-first on a quest into a fairy world that isn’t nearly as fabulous and fantastical as books would lead you to believe, though it’s a nice enough place for a vacation.

Why I wrote about a special chosen one coming from a trailer park I go into detail elsewhere, and I also have blogged on the cover a bit, I made it myself and I think it is beautiful.

Cover for The Audacity Gambit ebook


All I wanted was to have more people read this book and maybe have some strangers stumble across it. I think that’ll happen. I’m glad.