Building A Game Writing Portfolio: PWW Assignment 2 – Cutscene Cinematic

The second Pixelles Writing Portfolio Program assignment was to make a cinematic for a cutscene. After struggling with the assignment a bit I realised the problem was all the cinematics or cut scenes I liked were just slide shows with narration. Thanks, Obsidian. Honestly though the ‘Dead Money’ intro of Fallout: New Vegas is the most effective 20 seconds and something to strive for.

With that in mind, I kept with the previous theme of “extending the world I’ve already built in this unfinished Twine game” from the first assignment. Basically, this doesn’t not take place in Fallout: New Vegas. I had some fun finding a fast and repeatable style for the storyboard, which is always a challenge for me. I also enjoy imitating a specific type of language or writing style (a holdover from the copywriting days) which made the narration also an enjoyable challenge.

Below is the two-page cinematic storyboard and on the game writing section of my site is a PDF of both this and the straight script for the scene.

Continued from previous image, a series of images on the left with voiceover narration on the right. PLATE FIVE description: The same silhouetted figure, holding a sparkling necklace up to the light. Plate five VOICEOVER: Folks talk as if it’s one person but that can’t be true.  PLATE SIX description: A fox mask lies on the ground Plate six VOICEOVER: The Fox is an idea, not a man. It’s too many raids interrupted, too many purse strings cut, too much gossip to be the work of one. PLATE SEVEN description: A paper pinned to a wall with a knife, the brush text reading "Beware, fate comes to all who earn it -The Fox" Plate seven VOICEOVER: Although, if it is just one, then they are a legend indeed.

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