So You’ve Decided to Play The Most Dangerous Game: 7 Things to Know Before Hunting Man For Sport

If you’re someone who is always chasing that next thrill or challenge, the idea of hunting your fellow man for sport may be an activity you’ve considered. For many of us, playing the most dangerous game is as inevitable as the survivors of a shipwreck or zombie apocalypse turning on each other in vicious plays of power. To the sportsman, nothing can compare with prey that has the ability to reason. Daredevils may be drawn to the heady promise of the adrenaline of the chase. Parents searching for a less…

First and Last Lines

Chapter three of Wonderbook by Jeff Vandermeer is about beginnings and endings, with some illustrated pages sharing notable first and last lines. It made me think of the possibilities of using it as a text in a class and what exercises you could implement beyond those included in the book itself. What are the first and last lines of books and stories I love?