Okay, we’ll try this again—What I read in February

December and January I was sort of busy and slacked off on documenting what I was reading. Nothing too exciting, but Edgar Wallace is like, totally the shit if you want some good mysteries. Anyway, I’m missing part of the month, as I didn’t write it down, and I took one week to not read a book at all. Which was kind of like torture but that helped me slow down my ravenous pace a little.

I can’t even remember why I started, it is now innate

I really don’t know how I could have handled the four hours round-trip of my commute this past year and a half without embroidering. Just reading would have probably broken me, it’s too much like an opium den on the train, you exit all glassy-eyed and brain full of what you were reading. So, embroidery, woo. I’m doing little pictures of the handful of people that I see regularly on my route. I need to stretch/mount all the pieces I’ve finished, so I have a better idea of the square…