I didn’t make it, but I wish I had

What I received in the mail from the fantastic Sithel. It was so tremulous, so sharp—smelling still faintly of the wing’s petals—that I was totally overwhelmed and didn’t know what to make to send in return. But! I finally did figure something out, will be mailing it tomorrow. I got pictures of the two together, once she gets her half I’ll post ’em up. Of the many strange things we have in this apartment, this one would be the most terrifying if animated. It whispers when it moves.

This is how we do it

So, the amazing Libby B made a delicious dish of leek and fingerling potatoes. We saw it on Flickr and the next day picked up the proper supplies, with a touch of Chase’s own: Anyway, it ended up super tasty, and Chase made his first sauce, only it became a “sauce” and more of a leek hash. It was sort of like consuming dark matter of deliciousness, as it was way more filling than expected. Holy crap though, guys. It was pretty dang good.