Character Drawcember

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I’ve been trying to get drawing more, partially because two of three projects slated for 2015 demand I be in the habit again, so the Character Drawcember challenge was just the thing I needed. I used to do this drawing challenge (daily, weekly, given prompts, self-directed) thing on the reg, but that was ages ago, so the slower-paced setup for this challenge was perfect. Three sketches and one final coloured piece a week, with the last days of December to catch up.

And! Even with making ASMR videos, hand embroidering shirts (which I’ll post about soon, I swear), the special hell that is working online retail during the holidays and countless other distractions, I finished. I finished the challenge and didn’t need to use a single catchup day, though I did use the last week to overall catch up after a lull.

The whole point of the Character Drawcember challenge was to give folks a chance to spend some time examining their characters for different projects. I haven’t got that many options shareable right now, so I mostly focused on The Audacity Gambit, which you may note is a written project. Actually, I was sort of a dick about the whole thing, as I’m in the middle of writing the further adventures of those characters, so they’re essentially living in my head, and when I wasn’t drawing them I was drawing snippets from ‘This Time I Know Its For Real’, which you’ll see a little of online in January, ideally. It’s some straight up fuckin’, OC, shit, here.

And then, for the last prompt, I remembered Chase’s and my rejected New World submission, which we’re doing anyway. Could have spent this month fleshing out those characters, which need it a bit more.

But, y’know, just because a character is written doesn’t mean a visual examination of them isn’t super helpful (related, Leia’s breakdown of designing characters is RAD). I’m stoked, I’m amped, I’m drawing again. Hell yes.

Here’s my fave piece from each week. You can see the lot of ’em here.

Week one: colour version of antagonist sketch (Winter Queen from The Audacity Gambit)



Week two: character as a kid, adult and senior (Ian from The Audacity Gambit)



Week three: fake screenshot (This Time I Know It’s For Real)



Week four: I actually loved everything I did for week four’s prompts, but here’s the last one, “your choice” (Hy and her dad, Hyacinth Planted)



In summary: woo drawing again, woo projects.