Chase does things too

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Chase has some photos in a show this month. He’s part of a group show (MIXED MAGIC Humor in Contemporary Art) at Autzen Gallery. From December 5 through December 22. Opening reception is Friday, December 19, 2008 from 6-8 p and regular hours are Monday through Friday, 9a to 5p. The summary of the show is this:

The artists included in mixed magic all have humor in common. Its form and usage are mixed but the intent is very clear. This group of artists uses the angle of comedy and humor to approach more complex subject matter. After the initial laugh, this work forces the viewer to look into areas and issues they might not regularly consider. The gestures range from small and nuanced to brash and unapologetic. With the current climate of America and the globe, it is important to consider humor as a means of understanding and dealing with our surroundings.

Damned if I know what else is in it, but our friend Matt curated it and he’s pretty much the raddest.