Who does not love talking about their clothes?

Since Project Runway contestants showed off a little bit of their closets, I figured I’d do the same. We have a teensy bedroom closet and the limited space keeps me in line, making sure that what I have is what I use.

I’m crazy into layering, so all of my different knit tops are arranged by sleeve length, stacked onto a shelf. I wish I could hang everything, but I just don’t have the space.

Lately I’ve been shooting outfit-of-the-day (OOTD) pictures. It’s kept me even more aware of what I’m wearing and how. Like many folks who grew up reading Babysitter’s Club I hold Claudia Kishi as a personal fashion icon. The girl never repeated an outfit and was always working with what she had, altering and making awesome new pieces to fill her closet.

If, like me, you have fond memories of the crazy detailed clothing descriptions in BSC, then you should def check out What Claudia Wore. It’s a good one for your RSS, as it doesn’t update regularly, but when it does it rocks. The archives should be fun to curl up with over the winter holidays, snuggled up and reminiscing about when you too wanted to wear fringed vests, snake bracelets and elaborately laced shoes.

Next week I’ll give a mini photo tour of my sewing “studio”. You can see where I work on the bits I don’t pick up at thrift stores or Target.