Comics, Finishing: week 1

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I’m making myself pick just one thing to focus on a month. For Feburary it’s comics.

It’s not quite like riding a bike.

Mind you, it’s not like I haven’t drawn at all since I stopped really poking at comics. I sketch people on transit sometimes, and clothing ideas. Recently I did a (very) rough storyboard and realised that hey, that visual storytelling I devoted so much time to is rather useful.

But I am very glad that I thumb-nailed all this last year. Not that I’m following any of it that exactly—see, I made a significant change of something, I added in a car. A car that I am now going to have to draw on nearly every page. Cars are kind of a bitch to draw. So I cheated.

My evening

I mean, I love these little die cast cars and it’s not like I don’t already have several others. But several days of February had ticked over before I could get a chance to spend ten minutes at Freddy’s, sorting through a two yard square space packed with so many tiny cars that I kept knocking them off the little pegboard posts. But, I found the model I needed and it is now riding around in my bag with my sketchbook, so I can work on the train.

Which, guys. Please let us all hope that nobody on the train feels like harassing the crazy lady holding a 1/24th scale ’71 El Camino and frowning while she draws. I got a goodly number of pages pencilled today.

February focus: week1

I hope I can keep it up, with this pace I may get a good chunk ‘inked’ even. I’m going to do the final linework and backgrounds on the computer, the style for this whole thing is loose, so who knows. It’s nice, playing at this after so long. My skills are not up to par, maybe, but the stress of caring about it is gone. My pencils are looser and I’m not worrying so much. It’s just a thing I do! Other people do it better, but this thing is just one aspect of what I do so it is fine. It’s nice.