Focus Month: Comics, finishing

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Okay, new month, new focus.

It seemed like a natural progression from focusing on writing to focus on visual story telling. Yes, for those of you who knew me when, I’m having a go at comics once more. For the shortest month of the year, at least.

If you’re unfamiliar with my motley past, I had a long-form comic whose name is embarrassing. I posted every week (with, I think, only one or two skips, if that) from April of 2005 to July 2007. I was once very into comics. I did short ones, diary ones, whatever, I just loved that visual story telling. The one thing I did that I’m particularly happy with was an interpretation of the opening monologue from Richard III, which is available online and I once sold in minicomic form.

I’m a little nutty for Richard III. The interpretation I did was contemporary, with Richard as a lady (omg, his horrible disability is being female, my gawd). Anyway, it was fun and I wanted to do at least one more, that play is full of laughs.

I actually thumb-nailed a second minicomic-sized book a year ago, of the dialogue between Richard and Lady Anne, when Richard woos (or whatever) Anne over her husband’s dead body. It’s not only thumb-nailed, but I’ve made a dummy book for it, because there are fold-out pages. Yes, I am that nerd.

Richard & Anne: thumbnails, script and dummy book

February then, is comic focus month with the primary goal being to at least pencil, ideally ink, the 24 or so pages of the second Richard III comic. I’d love to have it all done and ready to print/post by the end of the month, but it’s a short month and its going to be a life-full one, so we’ll see.

I’ve got personal goals for this month’s theme as well that, as usual are none of your business.  But!  This one, with Richard & Anne, I’ll be keeping you all up to date on.

Onward, yo.

4 Thoughts to “Focus Month: Comics, finishing”

  1. I adore you.

    (If I had known, I could have set aside time to work on fleshing out my Hamlet comic scripts in February and we could have been über nerds together. Ah well.)

  2. It was a tossup between this and a sewing focus until the last week, so I hardly knew as well.

    Hamlet! You are the most über nerd.

  3. Hey, they say that from great tragedy comes great comedy. It is only natural then, given Hamlet’s other flaws as a play, that it should be a freakin’ comedic gold mine.

    Richard III is something I am less familiar with, so I’m always interested in other people’s spin on it [read: obsessive fixation on it].

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