Focus month: Illustrations

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So, I haven’t really drawn since February. But I used to draw all the time and I should get back into that. But I need a reason to draw that’s more illustrate-y than comics-y. So I figure why not try to make some illustrations to go with all that shit I wrote in January.

I am a huge fan of old sf mags and pulpy mass market paperbacks from the 1970s and 80s. So I’ll be flipping through my old Asimov SF mags and using the black and white illustrations as inspiration (and ignoring the sad moment of the 90s where there was a lot of bad greyscale airbrush work).

Because I know a lot of people who draw for a living, I’m pretty self-conscious about how I do it. But whatever, I’m learning and I don’t quite give a shit. Anyway, finally started sketching out some things this evening. Trying to figure out what I should do for Morning Star.

And you can pretend that she’s wearing underwear if it makes you feel better.

So it will be like a blast from the past, me dumping process sketches of dubious quality on a regular basis. Rock.

3 Thoughts to “Focus month: Illustrations”

  1. Just wanted to say I’ve been loving the focus month project all year and am particularly psyched about this month’s theme.

  2. @Sithel—Aw, yay! The particulars of this theme are something I’ve looked at before [image link 1, image link 2], I so definitely have a personal taste in sf depictions and writing.

    Only like two months to go until the year is up! I’ll keep doing focus months past the end of the year for sure, though.

    @Ray—Yay! I hope the results are worth the portmanteau.

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