Focus Month: Optics, fin

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Bah, well, I got two solid pieces done this month, which ain’t bad.  I finished another and decided that the fourth is something that failed, but has an idea I can come back to.

Thing to note: you can take two plastic plano-convex lenses from any sort of lensy toy and put the flat sides together you get a magnifying lens that is pretty rad.  Be careful though. Plastic lenses scratch and scuff easily.

Another note: egg carton bits are perfect eye pieces.

Quick 'n' dirty monoggle, done side

The failed one I do want to examine again, theory/idea wise because I want to ease back into needle/fiber work. Until then, this thing goes in the aborted idea bin.
Polarising mask, give up

Not a spectacular finish to the focus month, but not bad, in the scheme of things. I do have a plan for October, I’ll let you in on it in a bit.