Focus month: Optics, half and two thirds

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Only ten days left in the month and I’ve only two of my hoped-for four eyepiece things done.  That is fine! Now that TBA (a ten-day art fest that we went to almost every day) is over I can hopefully whip them out.

The first one I wanted to go as far away as I could from steampunk-ness.  It’s a costume piece, not a useful one, but I like it.  I had endless fun creating the density of surface embellishment.

Feather mask/red lens: 3/4

There’s movement to the red lens, at least, which I like.

Feather mask/red lens: lens up

The second piece is super useful and more utilitarian.
Magnifier glasses: right side

It magnifies like a badass.

Magnifier glasses: in action

Chase took all the pretty pictures and if you click through to Flickr there’s a quick summary of what materials are in each one.

Anyway, here’s the thing.  I made these to make them because I like to make things.  But I don’t want them.  Do you want them? I’m thinking $25 each (which includes shipping) to take these dang things off my hands.  Each one took about a complete day of work to put together, so that’s a stupid good deal. No takers and I’ll toss them up on Etsy.

Update: The feather one is called for!
Update 2: The magnifying one is called for!  Do not be sad, I will hopefully have two more by the end of the month!