Focus Month: the craft room

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Eek! Kind of far into the month do declare July’s focus, but it’s a (kind of) light one and something that needs to happen. So here goes.

One of the beautiful parts of our apartment is the finished attic space that we’re using as studio area. Problem is, my half has been getting things dumped in it (by me) and has become kind of a super mess.

This is embarassing

So July is all about increasing the usability of that space. I’d like to do a sewing focus month soon, but I can’t until I have space to work in. Side projects will include perfect binding any sketchbook, idea or whatever pages, so I can recycle the rest. I love doing this, it removes so much clutter. I’d thought I’d done them all already, but there were hidden caches of papers and sketchbooks. Oh me.

It’s going to be hard, because I keep wanting to work in the garden, but that’s why it’s this month’s focus!

As it is, focuses for this month and the next will be interesting, as I’m taking classes at C.O.P.S. and there’s readings (theory!) and homework. I’ll probs be posting bits of that here, as I know some of you may dig what we’re learning and doing.

2 Thoughts to “Focus Month: the craft room”

  1. Jess

    Oh, please share any organizing tips you have. My apartment is a horrendous mess of crafts and books and odds-and-ends and I just don’t know where to start. (Granted, my entire apartment is probably the size of your attic space. Ah well.)

  2. Those Sterlite rolling drawers with clear drawers and white or black frames? Buy one at a time when they’re on sale at Fred Meyer and start sorting. I like them because I can stick a label sticker on the front of the drawer and they’re semi-clear, so I always know what is in them. And they stack!

    The way my attic got this way is that I wasn’t putting things back in the drawers and some new supplies were introduced that needed to be sorted. But containers, containers, containers. I save Altoid tins like crazy, they’re good for tiny craft supplies.

    The best cheap shelf for lots of books I’ve found is the Ikea Kilby. Lots of shelves, tall and skinny. Mine holds like 140 paperbacks.

    But I’ll be taking snaps as I go, I’m sure my insane hoard (some things I’ve had since high school) will make you feel better.

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