Focus month(s): Nails, fail

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Well, I can admit it. I totally failed at my month of nails. First I decided to extend it through May and about a week ago I realised that there was no way I was going to meet my goals. Lame. But hey, at least I can admit it. No excuses, I just lost the drive during the bleh period of time I am calling Maypril.

Failure happens, and my monthly focus thing is not going to stop because I screwed up one month. There will be a focus for June and I’m so going to do it, not going to fail twice, thank you.

I did totally produce some stuff for this focus, so image dump below. All images link back to their Flickr page, with more info.

Flocked nails: animal print, detail

Flocked nails: shrooms, detail

Gelsey nailz: 25/04/11

Jess nailz: 29/04/11

Test Wheel: stripes and contrast