Focus on airbrush, continuing lessons

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I do not have steady hands, this I have learned as I’ve continued following the lessons over at How to Airbrush. I am not bad at shading spheres though. Here, have some tablet snaps of my learnin’.  The second one has pictures Chase drew for me that I then shaded in:

I am also not good at palm trees. Much to my everlasting dismay.  The dagger stroke! I am terrible at it.

But! I can do pine trees okay.  And I think I may be not bad at depicting eldritch horror.

Cannot wait to start playing with these themes using the Miami-traditional palette I have.  On t-shirts. Because having a dark planet or creeping tentacle monsters is way cooler in neon.

2 Thoughts to “Focus on airbrush, continuing lessons”

  1. the eldritch horror one is awesome and reminds me of “scary stories to tell in the dark,” among other things.

  2. Aww, thanks! You’re the second person who said that. It makes me feel fancy.

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