Focus on airbrush, fin

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An interesting thing happened during this focus month. Stylistically, I always feel like I’m all over the place, what veins of consistency I have are shallow and general. But when I tried to follow the more traditional airbrush styles in lettering and theme, I couldn’t do it. When, in annoyance I went to those themes of mine I thought were shallow and general (metal, sf, rawr), it totally worked. So I can’t do gorgeous traditional airbrush script like you see at county fairs. But I guess I can do gothy, metal ones?

And the t-shirts with stars and names and cute skylines not so much. But I can do t-shirts.
Airbrushed tee, not your usual skyline

Airbrushed tee, Fab-U-lous

Airbrushed tee, the creeping moon

So. Maybe the aesthetics I started picking up years ago have stuck with me this long for a reason.

The bottom two shirts are up for grabs, BTW. They’re a general size large tee.


Tomorrow: what March’s focus month is.