Focus on branding Ma-mé, completed!

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This was so fun.  January was full of busyness and business, with freelance gigs and fun gigs and getting Trina’s site all set up.

The entire plan for her site was to jab at a WordPress template until it looked how she wanted, had what she wanted in it and could be updated and maintained easily by someone with minimal web skills.  And we were totally able to do it!  I did some basic poking and coding and then we hung out, both refreshing browsers (on a laptop and a desktop) while I fiddled with all those weird bits and pieces.  Once we got it looking right, Trina gave me a wishlist of plugins and widgets and things from her old site that she wanted at Ma-mé.  And with much swears (because I poke at code maybe once a year) I got it done and handed it over to her to personalise and start personalising and posting in/transferring old posts to.

I renamed and organised all the associated files and images used for Ma-mé and burned it on a disc for Trina, to hand off with the embroidered logo tests when we met up soon for final figuring.

The only thing left is making a mould and deckle for business card sized paper and having a paper making day! Which there is no rush on, because that is a fun thing (the business cards done on handmade paper are going to be the “fancy” business cards, she found a deckle edge tearer for the “regular” cards).

When Trina feels that the site is ready to promo I’ll do so like crazy, but right now it’s still in her hands. This was really fun to do, I’m excited to see where she’ll go with it.

So this was a success! But what of next month? Well, we’ll know soon enough.

5 Thoughts to “Focus on branding Ma-mé, completed!”

  1. Trina’s work is SO GREAT. She says the goal is to be ready for me to post the link around in a week or two. She’s the one who made my badass dinosaur ring that I don’t have reason enough to wear.

  2. I have the WP template to thank. Its code was clear and easy to mess with.

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