Focus on Ma-mé, one last thing

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The last thing left in January’s focus was to make a business card size mould and deckle for Trina and make some paper together.  Schedules ended up not synching right, so we didn’t get to make the paper together, but I got the mould and deckle made and made her a double handful of blank cards to start with.

Little papers

So cute, I love tiny paper.

Tiny papers in the window

AND, bonus, this was done before the end of the month, so I am all sorts of achieving goals.  And February’s focus of the airbrush has already started, but you’ll have to wait to see those particular results.  The more rote stuff I will be doing and posting soon.

EDIT TO ADD: Trina has let me know that she’s ready to be linked to, so go check it out and let us know if we missed anything. It looks like right now she’s just blogging, but soon her adorable store will be live, so at Atelier Ma-mé to your bookmarks/RSS!