Focus on mending and old work, pretty much done

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At the beginning of the month I made a little to-do list for myself of what I wanted to get done. I’ve crossed off what I’ve done so far:

  • Darn socks
  • Drawer of old drawings
  • Bind W mags
  • Go through closet
  • External drive
  • Blue bin
  • Mending basket
  • Go through old journals
  • Bind old journal leavings
  • Mend pants

I knew I wasn’t going to get to the external drive.  There’s nine years worth of files on there, a good four years worth that were saved when I was having some problems, so the naming and organisation of them is not good.

But! I got to the blue bin.  Here is the thing about the blue bin.  It was, originally, a place that held clothes that needed mending (overflow from the mending basket), assorted clothes to be used as sources of fabric, stuff from Project Runway Play-Along that I didn’t integrate into my wardrobe and then a mess of other stuff.  It had a lid, see. And when you can put a lid on something a lot of stuff goes in that shouldn’t.  But I took it all out and figured out what was going on and got rid of things and bundled things and here is what it looked like before I took it back upstairs to the studio.

And then the fabric swaths got put away and the smaller bits got put away and currently the only things it holds arePRPA costume, full clothing to be used for fabric and clothing that needs to be taken in (which are similar things). I think I’ll be moving my more costume-y costume into this bin as I continue to mend and tailor everyday costume/clothing and work it back into the closet.

I am not a superman and did not think I’d be able to tailor and mend EVERYTHING. I just want to know what needs what.  Speaking of which, the mending basket. Which is a basket.

I went through that thing and made the call on what is scrap and what should be mended and what should be mended and given away.  Hooray. There are pants in there I have NO memory of. It is living downstairs so I will actually mend these things (most of it needs hand work).

I am taking a more casual ride this year in focus months, but dang, it is so great. I am getting things done at least 90%, instead of a scattered 20-95%, which is wonderful.  What am I doing in April? I will tell you in April. Which is soon, right?