Focus on mending & old work, continued slow progress

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Oh why am I leaving the intimidating stuff to the end?! At the beginning of the month I made a little to-do list for myself of what I wanted to get done. I’ve crossed off what I’ve done so far:

  • Darn socks
  • Drawer of old drawings
  • Bind W mags
  • Go through closet
  • External drive
  • Blue bin
  • Mending basket
  • Go through old journals
  • Bind old journal leavings
  • Mend pants

So, I went through my old journals, notes from high school (!!) and college (which I left um, seven years ago?), photocopied inspiration things, loose old drawings, etc.  A lot got recycled, some got rebound, complete art class journal/sketchbooks that I felt were a good window into my brain and/or a decent complete object were kept, even if they were from when I was 19.

Old journals, best of

Some things stayed more or less loose sheets, but were sorted into labeled folders and envelopes. Everything, including sketchbooks that I’d rebound a couple of years ago, got put into two plastic file boxes. Try to get in THERE, silverfish.

Boxed up

By doing all this, I’ve turned un-organised and intermixed photos, collections, journals, notes, personal ephemera that filled about seven small to medium boxes into two easy to go through boxes of things that are useful (some things got integrated into my ephemera, multiples and found item stores, which need themselves to be re-organised).  I also ended up with a single medium box of photos that should be gone through and albumed some time.

Now for the last three, huge things. If I don’t get to my external drive I won’t cry about it.