Focus on mending & old work, progress

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For real, I am making slow progress.  It’s just very boring to document.

At the beginning of the month I made a little to-do list for myself of what I wanted to get done. Some entries will seem vague, but I’ll explain them in context.  I’ve crossed off what I’ve done so far:

  • Darn socks
  • Drawer of old drawings
  • Bind W mags
  • Go through closet
  • External drive
  • Blue bin
  • Mending basket
  • Go through old journals
  • Bind old journal leavings
  • Mend pants

Darn Socks/Mend pants:

I hate darning socks. We have sooooo many and my hands cramp up after a while.  This ended up being sock triage.  Chase’s favourite socks are the B Chevrons and you know what? They’re five dollars (before my employee discount, even). I am not darning that shit. They last a good long time, especially for what they cost.  So I darned everything else, chucked socks that were becoming more darns than knit, re-paired up Chase’s B Chevs and called it good.  How long that bag of socks has been growing I am not going to share with you.

I mostly wear soft trousers or slacks any more, and there were some basic mending (buttons, fly, wtf hole in leg) tasks that needed done. All it took was sitting down with needle and thread while watching a movie and now I have all my pants in active rotation, hooray.  This really seems to be the crux of mending. It’s all easy tasks, but you have to actually sit down and do them.

Drawer of old drawings/Bind W mags:

I had a drawer of old illustrations, pencils, things from back when I was super active in drawing.  In that same drawer (and stacked near it) were pages torn from old W magazines and issues that needed to be gone through. I like to re-bind things worth keeping, magazine pages and my old work, because they’re easier to store and reference.

Luckily, past me had already sorted out that drawer, I’d just forgotten.  So all I had to do was sort through the magazine pages, clip everything together and do a dirty perfect bind.

Re-binding old notebooks and magazines


Go through closet:

I have too many clothes, I know this.  In my defence, we only do laundry every two weeks. I also sweat a bit, so even though I am not a personality who ALWAYS has to wash everything after one wear because soap is what keeps society working, I am forced to be.

Closet, cleaned

I am pretty proud of myself for how I went through everything. Yes, I like to have a wide range of lady to dude clothing options for various occasions, but that does not mean I need to keep stuff I never wear, don’t like or is falling apart.

Oh, I am holding on to a bunch of shit tank tops because I don’t have that many? Well I recently availed myself of a sale and have new ones that fit better. And now Chase has painting rags.  What, this top/these jeans are stupid on me and I only wear them when there is nothing else? Whatever, they will be adorable on co-workers.

To give away
Okay, onward and forward and whatnot. I have mending baskets to go through and things to unearth. I have the feeling that when some of this stuff is mended, I will be getting rid of more clothes.  Being able to sew adds such a danger, because you hold on to things that “just need [x] fixed and they’ll be perfect.”