Focus on presents, primary round done

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All the lovelies that I mail things to, I am sad to say, are not getting crafty presents this year.  It turns out that when you don’t spend 4 hours commuting via public transit, you kind of end up with less dedicated crafting time. I am super sad about this, by the way.

I ended up only crafting a couple of things, which (as I said at the beginning) I expected to give out less this year.  Mostly because the bulk of my present crafting time was taken up by something I’ll show you after the holiday and this beauty:

RuPaul fashion doll, closeup 2

Gorgeous, right? As is Ru. (And, as always, images link to Flickr, so click through for more views)

This was for my lovely friend Laurel, who has watched RuPaul’s Drag Race with me for years now.

I took a Barbie Fashionistas doll, removed the hair, re-rooted some strawberry blonde to mimic Ru’s most common colour, removed the face decals and repainted it, then added hella false lashes.

There’s a dress too, but I couldn’t find good shoes, so Ru is currently barefoot. This will be remedied soon.

Gelsey’s present was a little thing that you put notebooks in, so you always have something sturdy to write against.  It has horses because she likes horses.

Gelsey's notebook

Rachel and Cam got patchwork animals, which probably most people will end up with over the next year, because these were hella fun to make.

Rachel's fox

Cam's cuttlefish

Whatever the hell Chase got me is wrapped amazingly. We don’t get fancy things much, so holidays and special occasions are when we do that. And it’s nice to get people things. I am excited for what I got him, but now I am kind of super curious about what he got me.

How Chase wrapped my present

He probably, as someone said at work “understands that [I] want to be a Bruce Willis princess.”

After I’ve mailed out our hella boss holiday CD I’ll share the cover and playlist. It’s pretty great, guys.